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Matches are not currently picked out by language-analysing algorithms but simply by users swiping through profiles peppered with Twitter information. Mr Smith told Mail Online: 'The next step for us is an exciting new area in dating of matching algorithms based on language analysis.'We're already developing a new feature, planned for release by the end of 2017, where we show a 'compatibility score' between two users based on their language used, both at the pre-match stage (i.e.

Mr Smith said: 'Other dating apps have hooked up with Instagram, giving users the option to display even more pictures on profiles. The results gave a psychological snapshot from analysing our most recent tweets with chat-up advice for the future.

Students lounge in hallways and classrooms with sack lunches and trays of food.

They play Frisbee, get dating advice from teachers, hold club meetings, cram for afternoon quizzes, play video games or catch up on sleep.

Like other dating apps, two users can connect if they both 'like' each other.