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Sharing a joke with Mario Batali on "The Chew." Within the space of 18 months, it seems like Tanya Holland, the first chef to create a destination restaurant in oft-forgotten West Oakland, is everywhere, reinventing soul food.

Ever since the French-trained former Food Network chef opened Brown Sugar Kitchen six years ago in a hardscrabble neighborhood of peeling Victorians and abandoned brick factories, diners have been lining up, 1,800 each week, often waiting 90 minutes for her signature organic buttermilk-fried chicken and cornmeal waffles.

"But we're happy nothing else happened to our artwork and customers artwork." The dollar loss is still being calculated for the string of thefts, but according to Ottawa County Police tens of thousands of dollars in property was stolen -- not including the damages sustained from the arson.

The 48-year-old has a criminal history, and he was on parole for similar crimes.

I'm so happy she's risen to the top in this incredibly competitive market." Holland is among a group of women breaking the mold of the male celebrity chef.

"It is a boys' club out there, yet there are some wonderful female chefs.

Whipping up Creole shrimp with cheddar grits in an eight-page spread in O magazine.

Glazing a Thanksgiving turkey with bourbon for Food & Wine.

They may not be as loud, nor have as many flashy tattoos, but they are educated, experienced and wonderful teachers," says her agent, Kristen Green.

Time magazine's November cover story, "The 13 Gods of Food," featured not one female chef, sparking a national discussion about why women aren't promoted in professional kitchens as quickly as their male counterparts.

- A 48-year-old man and a 16-year-old who were arrested on Nov.