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People living with hivaids dating site

“The high disappears really fast, and [the users] want another one so they take it again. Sometimes they forget they took the first one, so they take another one; now they have ingested two even though they don’t feel high. Taking more and more in a short period of time can be lethal.” Mixing drugs with alcohol is dangerous in any case, but it is known to be especially dangerous with Xanax.

These two factors play a large role in a potential overdose.

The idea of addiction, withdrawal or even overdose never crossed her mind.

“I didn’t know it was really dangerous just because it’s so common,” Laura said. If you didn’t abuse it, it wouldn’t be bad.” After waking up with no idea what had happened the previous night, she changed her mind. “It’s pointless.” Although the only consequence for her was loss of memory, things could have been drastically worse.

"The first time I did it, I was expecting a good time,” senior Molly Doe* said.