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Qatari women dating

It is based on Islamic legal tradition that treats any sexual contact outside a legal marriage as a crime.

She will go back to the Philippines but is uncertain how she will now support her two other children from a past relationship. () Women working with Qatar Airways will not be sacked anymore if they get pregnant or marry within the first five years of employment.

"Zina is indiscriminately carried out and disproportionately punishes women, mostly low-skilled migrant women," Rothna Begum, HRW women's rights researcher for the Middle East and North Africa, told DW.

Ann's employer was aware of these laws and tried their best to help her.

They would also be punished if I stayed with them," said Ann.

Her employer also initiated coordination with the police to find the man who had gotten her pregnant.

The airline company relaxed its rules after pressure from international labor groups.

() Migrant domestic workers in Qatar are powerless in the face of widespread abuse, according to Amnesty International.

The application of the laws exists in varying degrees across most of the Middle East and North African region.