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Tuc watkins dating

They are first greeted to the Lane by Susan Delfino who at first does not seem to understand that they are gay, when she gets it, she walks away out of awkwardness. Later, after Susan had a failed attempt to present them with cookies Julie Mayer brings Rafael to her house as Bob and Lee were not home yet, then, Susan decided to keep him in the garage so that she can rescue him.

actor Van Hansis is dating fellow actor Tyler Hanes.

"They're very happy and have been dating for a while now," says our source.

He tells Lee and asks him to keep it secret, however, Lee snaps and tells Tom the truth about Dave.

Bree confronts them and they tell her that Alex appeared in a gay porn movie that the two of them rented.

He witnesses, along with all the other guests, Karen try to attack Dave with a baseball bat.

Bob becomes Porter's lawyer after everyone thinks he burned down the club.

Bob and Lee throw a Halloween party and invite the neighborhood as Bob believes that they have not made a good impression on their new neighbors.