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“But between my second and third visits to the hospital, I was present at Martin Luther King’s I Had a Dream speech with hundreds of thousands of non-violent revolutionaries.

In other words, you could write this: And then write some more narrative description.

There was a drinking fountain, which I thought would be for all people, but the sign said: ‘For Whites Only.’ I realized then my country was fake, religion was fake.

How could an adult walk by such a sign and not tear it down?

“That’s why I was beaten up most every day for the last two years of high school.

Because whenever the ‘N’ word was said in class, I would scream really loud and long until everyone in class hated me.“I didn’t know what to do,” he adds.

Patch Adams will speak on Humour and Health at the Trottier Public Science Symposium on Tuesday at 7 p.m., at Centre Mont-Royal, 1000 Sherbrooke St.

ANSWER It's okay to indent like that, but it is not necessary.

QUESTION If you use an INSERT or SERIES OF SHOT [or other special heading], and it will not all fit on the same page, do you simply continue on the next page, or must you start at the top of the next page? However, if you start the INSERT on the next page, don't leave more than an eighth of a page of white space on that earlier page.