Start Dating a female vampire

Dating a female vampire

She did not, however, seem to help others for free.

She usually presented herself in a calm and composed manner; however, talking about her human past and the carnage that she saw during the Crusades betrayed hints of her stifled sadistic nature.

She also had no trouble resisting the urge to feed on Faeries, as she never did so despite spending considerable time around Sookie and Adilyn.

She was also known for her extreme jealousy, which manifested when she mistook Sookie as a girlfriend of Jason's, and displayed great hatred for Jessica, for whom she was aware had a sexual history with Jason.

She is eventually revealed to have a narcissistic and sadistic nature that is usually concealed.

She had mentioned that she was born to a Pagan family during the Crusades.

Her village was attacked by Catholic Crusaders who burned her village to the ground and massacred all those who refused to convert to Catholicism; Violet converted under duress, but eventually accepted the religion wholeheartedly nonetheless.

But me, no-one has ever wanted out once allowed in! First appearing as an inmate at Burrell's Camp, she plays a recurring role through the series' sixth season, and returned as a main character in the seventh, and final, season.

The tertiary antagonist through the same season, Violet met an untimely demise in the Season 7 episode " Violet was a mysterious and very intimidating vampire.

Jason thanks her and begins to walk away, only for Violet to stop him by saying that she was serious when she claimed him as her own.

Jason is distraught to learn that she intends to keep him even if they escape the prison, and asks that she not pass him around to other inmates.

She describes herself as having "amazing discipline." Violet was known for her bizarre and intrusive behavior with people's personal spaces, and inability to detect social cues (most likely because of the different customs she was raised with).