Start Street dating revealed review

Street dating revealed review

Daniel Korski, the deputy head of Mr Cameron's policy unit, was assigned to 'lead' talks between the mayor and his senior staff.

Police figures also showed that rape or assault claims were being made about Uber's London drivers at a rate of one every 11 days.

Mr Johnson wanted to force all drivers to pass a written English test.

David Cameron's Downing Street was accused of a blatant cover-up last night over failed plans to crack down on Uber.

The ex-PM and George Osborne allegedly told aides to lobby Boris Johnson against curbs on the online taxi firm.

He added: 'The idea that I acted inappropriately because of a relationship between the then PM and Rachel Whestone is even more absurd.'But Steve Mc Namara of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association said: 'This affair, and the cover up, is nothing short of a national scandal and the LTDA is therefore calling for a parliamentary enquiry to establish what went on and who was responsible.'Just over a year ago, Downing Street was served with a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act.

It came from Christopher Morris, a political aide working for the Liberal Democrats in the London Assembly, and it sought to get to the bottom of a sensational rumour sweeping City Hall.

Last night a No 10 spokesman said: 'Any suggestion of a cover-up is categorically untrue.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with an Fo I response is advised that they have the right to request an internal review about its handling.' However no further explanation was provided.

Last night, it emerged that Mr Cameron's former assistant private secretary, Nicholas Howard, had also been asked for details of any email exchanges between Mr Korski, and either Tf L or the Mayor of London's office.

But when Mr Howard responded a month later, in March 2016, he said only: 'We do not hold information in relation to your request.'Mr Korski had in fact exchanged at least seven emails regarding proposed Uber legislation with both Tf L officials and senior mayoral staff.

Within hours of the petition being launched, the mayor and senior aides began to be sent messages from Downing Street.