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The ability to develop online social networks architected the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.

These are four of my favorite things in life—so we’re already off to a great start!

By creating a profile that reflects the way I see myself, I tend to match with guys who are looking for someone like me—not someone I’m pretending to be.

My little blurb is short, descriptive, and full of conversation-starting tidbits.

When I match with a guy, the first thing he brings up is usually something about music, skiing, Old Fashioned cocktails, or pasta.

It seems their reputation as “the hookup app” (to quote my mom) is outdated.

And while Tinder’s shine has recently been eclipsed by other apps—Bumble, Hinge, The League, et al—this statistic is promising overall.

This might sound silly, but having a dating app profile that I feel good about and matching with guys I find genuinely attractive translates to me feeling better about myself and my prospects when I’m out and about in my daily life.

Using the apps reminds me (often) that I am looking for a relationship. Right in my phone reminds me that I’m looking for him at housewarming parties and weddings, too.

The world is wide and yet it is like a home, for the fire that burns in the soul is of the same essential nature as the stars; the world and the self, the light and the fire, are sharply distinct, yet they never become permanent strangers to one another, for fire is the soul of all light and all fire clothes itself in light.

—From The Theory of the Novel, Georg Lukács, 1920 Executive Order 13769 bars entry into the United States to citizens of predominantly Muslim countries.

But before you free up all those megabytes on your phone, consider this: Using dating apps can help you get more IRL dates, too.