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Top dating mistakes women make

My goal here is to point out the key differences and help both genders improve their online dating profiles.

If a man is trying to cheat, he will never try to do it in front of you.

But worse, it’s a sign you’ve got lots (and lots) of ex baggage.

“A woman will realize you have unresolved issues from past relationships and probably take a pass,” explains Spira.

“Otherwise, you’ll end up with a digital pen-pal,” which isn’t quite the point of online dating.

I get a lot of emails from my readers, unfortunately more than I can actually answer. It seems many women make the same mistakes over and over, regardless of the stage of their relationships.

Ok Cupid discovered that messages with those words receive responses 25% of the time or less.

That’s because focusing on the physical makes a woman feel you’re not interested in getting to know the real her, explains Spira. “Mention something else you admired about her profile,” suggests Spira.

And don’t stare at her cleavage while she’s talking (or at least don’t get caught doing it).