Start C sqldatasource onupdating

C sqldatasource onupdating

Hope this helps, just came up with it now while trying to get around the problem Protected Sub sql Task List_Deleting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Sql Data Source Command Event Args) Handles sql Task List. Hi Raja, Sometimes even no problem in code, we get exception, I too faced same problem, the below code solved my problem, see wheter it will do for you... What i found was: First take into account all Primary Keys/ or in case of Gridview "datakeynames" for stored procedure because it will be sending these values to the DB automatically.

Segundo: Hayas creado los objetos necesarios a través de a lgún wizard. If you want to use a stored procedure to process insets, updates and deletes, then you will need to intercept and handle the Gridview events yourself.

En este escenario, normalmente da el mensaje de error que estamos considerando. The following code snippet demonstrates intercepting and processing the Gridview Row Deleting Event to execute a stored procedure that deletes row(s) from a database table: Your other alternative is to use SQL statements within the SQLDatasource and create the parameter to source column matching using the Visual Studio IDE at design time in order to achieve something similar to the following:" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Some Table] WHERE [email protected]_1" Select Command="SELECT [Column_1], [Column_2], [Column_3] FROM [Some Table] ORDER BY [Column_1]" Update Command="UPDATE [Some Table] SET Column_2 [email protected]_2, [email protected]_3 WHERE [email protected]_1" On Data Binding="Page_Pre Render"It appears that the SQLData Source (at least in the case of the Delete command and I assume the Update command as well) will include in its auto-generated parameters list, all of the columns which comprise the primary key value for the table -- regardless of whether they are defined in or needed by your SP.

Counselor Name FROM Retirement Info LEFT OUTER JOIN [Type of Retirement] ON Retirement Info.

Retirement Type = [Type of Retirement].[Type of Retirement ID] LEFT OUTER JOIN Schools ON Retirement Info.schoolid = Schools.[School ID] LEFT OUTER JOIN Counselors ON Retirement Info.counselorid = Counselors.

:icon_smile: Cri I found this and it seems to work now: - I abandoned the use of a Data Table as source of my Gridview (gv Autorizzazioni) - I bound gv Autorizzazioni to a SQLData Source, writing some fake UPDATE statement for the SQLData Source in order not to receive exceptions On Updating; - on gv Autorizzazioni. Grid View Update Event Args) Handles gv Autorizzazioni.

:icon_rolleyes: I'll fight a little more on my own and I'll post the results.

I used your code in Row Editing event and gridview becomes editable, but I still have some trouble in accessing the Edit Template controls...

Sql Data Source allows you to Select/Insert/Update/Delete the data from the database without even writing a single line of code.

However in the Command text, use the same name, but add @.

This is what my sql Datasource looks like: Dos escenarios posibles: Primero: Puedes que estés creando lo necesario a través de código puro. protected void Grid View Approved_Row Updated(object sender, Grid View Updated Event Args e) Hi hwraja, I have never been able to get SQLDatasources, Gridview controls and Stored Procedures to work without some intervention.

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