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Lily donaldson dating

Kelly Brook is one of those women who has the innate ability to cause shortness of breath in the male species. She is nominated once again for our Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2010.

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The country’s most senior doctor unexpectedly resigned last night.

Chief medical officer Liam Donaldson surprised the NHS by stepping down after a reign which saw him accused of botching the training of junior doctors and orchestrate the response to swine flu.

His number one loyalty was always to government than to doctors.

‘And it’s looking more and more that he is guilty of an over-reaction to swine flu.

Kelly’s biggest successes continue to come from her looks and charm.

She lent her name to a popular line of swimwear and lingerie for New Look stores and earned some major bucks when she signed on to be the face and body for Lynx body spray (Axe in the U.

After working for the Labour Government for the past 12 years, he will leave office in May – just as the Tories are expected to take over.