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If these marks are found in one’s life, then he can be assured that his faith is genuine. As we progress through the study, students should examine their own lives to evaluate the reality of their own profession of faith.382k Word Book of Acts The Book of Acts is a bridge between the Gospel accounts and the Epistles of the NT.

Word Brad Anderson: It is very important for Christians to get a general overview of the Bible because it is their source of faith and practice.

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PDF: Portable Document File (Adobe Acrobat) Word: Microsoft Word format This page includes complete 13 week curriculum sets. We have individual Sunday School Lessons available.

Apologetics Brad Anderson: Apologetics more simply means “to make a defense.” This course of 14 lessons teaches youth how to make a biblical defense of the faith.

This study includes a section on various “isms” which threaten the faith.755 k Word Atheism Brad Anderson: The purpose of this series of lessons is to define and examine atheism from a Christian perspective.

Calls for unity and cooperation among the faithful grow louder by the day.

Perhaps all professing Christians should band together to stand against the rising tide of secularism and false religion.

The purpose of this series is to explore the history of the Baptists and to examine the biblical distinctives that Baptists have historically affirmed.