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Mweb dating buzz

Come through in August and September, in the last quarter of Zimbabwe’s financial year when it’s a little difficult to find money.

Call people back home, who are there and ask them what’s going on for raw feedback and the truth.

Ask them what they would do if they had fifty thousand dollars. Don’t come here for two weeks, or during December and January because it’s just a bubble.

Or if you’re going to start the business on your own give yourself a year to eighteen months.

Therefore government has embarked on a curriculum review process to try and transform the system and embrace the use of ICTs in schools.

In the report findings it is stated that the 100% academic orientation was not beneficial to the nation and part of the key recommendations was to balance our education curriculum between academic and vocational orientation.

Unfortunately these recommendations have not been implemented up to now, so government is trying to promote entrepreneurship through the introduction of vocational education in the new curriculum.

Just like the constitution process the education review process was started through consultations with teachers, parents, children and partners in the education sector in Zimbabwe.

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