Start Simi weather widget not updating

Simi weather widget not updating

You can start using it right away by picking between 12 and 24-hour formats and pick a wallpaper that matches with a dark or white coloured clock.

Say you have a vast choice of data, pick the largest widget because it offers thorough detail.

The interactivity between information and device goes far beyond.

Each detail works exemplary without overloading the smartphone.

If you have a Taskmanager running please exclude Si Mi Clock !!!

With the Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) you can change the settings, such as the layout, images, fonts, formats and insert clocks, icons, email, weather information, battery data, among others.

Its simplified interface allows you to idealise your creations even without a prior knowledge of graphic building.

However, you need to have some design ideas, patience and creativity to build your own style.