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The target may give a response in kind to maintain status, as in fighting words and trash-talk. The act of taunting can be learned by observation and improvisation.

The cutthroat gesture is performed by drawing the hand, or a finger or two, across the throat.

Novine su skupe, poljubi me u dupe.", which means: "Catch me, catch me, [if you do that] I'll buy you a newspaper.

Newspapers are pricey, kiss my tushie." A gesture in Japanese culture, made by pulling a lower eyelid down to expose the red underneath.

So placed, the fingers form the letter "L" from the perspective of a viewer and signify the name-calling insult "loser" directed toward the person being spoken to or spoken about.

Done by holding up the hand with the index, middle and pinky finger, implying the act of putting two fingers in a woman's vagina and one in her anus.

In Britain, this is also the case - however, if the palm faces inwards (towards the person doing the "peace" sign), it is an offensive gesture in Britain, though not considered quite as rude as to "the finger" (but still very rude and offensive).

The "loser" gesture used in some countries is performed by raising the index finger and thumb of one's right hand perpendicular to each other and then placing them on one's forehead with index finger pointing upward.

In the American South this is often used as "Nanny nanny boo-boo" and repeated with words such as "You ca-an't catch me".