Start Dating a picture frame

Dating a picture frame

There are pictures that used daguerreotype, glass plate, cabinet card, and the thickness of the cabinet card can also tell the age of the picture.

John Bainbridge, see Thomas Fentham William Barry, see Francis Draper *Samuel Bartington 1816-1845, Mrs Mahala Bartington 1846-1851, Mahala Bartington & Son (also described as M. Bartington)1852-1860, Benjamin Bartington 1860-1866. At 24 Beckford Row, Walworth, London 1816-1828 or later, 4 Crown Row, Mile End Road 1832-1833, 95 Wardour St 1833-1848, 58 Wardour St 1849-1864, 45 Wardour St 1860, 24 Charlotte St 1865, 53 Wardour St 1866.

Men, on the other hand can be difficult as suits did not change from year to year.

The paper backing on the photograph can tell the age of some pictures; this includes pictures that have tin that the photograph was placed on.

Carvers and gilders, picture dealers, initially brokers of household goods.