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This would have been considered to be improper, and if he wished to become better acquainted with the lady, then he would need to drop subtle hints to a mutual friend and possibly arrange for the friend to introduce him, properly. To encourage the hopes or engage the affections of someone you did not intend to marry was not only considered to be thoughtless, but immoral.

The house runs to as much as 4,688 square feet—or 3,665 square feet, according to the City of Newton—and contains the potential for up to eight bedrooms. At the upper end of the market, Back Bay and Fenway-Kenmore are priced at 30 to 30 times their annual rent We’re not necessarily talking about blue-sky ideas such as an aerial gondola in downtown Boston or underwater parking garages.

The three-story pile also has four full bathrooms, three fireplaces, and two garaged parking spaces. It’s the more achievable stuff: The North Station-South Station connector; the Blue Line to Lynn or the Red Line to 128; tap-and-go for T fares.

Usually the date was some type of family gathering.

It was acceptable for a man to call on a lady with her permission, but when saying good night, the woman was not allowed to go any farther than the parlor door, and then a servant or parent would see the gentleman out.

As one of the famous advice manuals cautioned, "Do not marry a man who you are not sure of loving, no matter how long you have been engaged to him." For men, love was important, but for women, it was absolutely necessary.

As a 19th century book states: "Man's nature leads him forth into a struggle and bustle of the world.

However, some fear of passing through life unmarried led women to marry unwisely.

Men did not seem to face this stigma; the assumption was that they could marry IF they wanted to.

A hundred years ago, unmarried Victorian women still complained that all the best men were "taken", and they wondered about how to find their "Mr. Advice manuals were prevalent in the Victorian years, and women would turn to these books for the advice that they provided--however good or bad the advice was--and most of the messages that women received were contradictory.

For example, most all advice manuals of the time warned against marrying young.

She was never allowed to go anywhere alone with a man without her mother's permission.