Start Dating a nigerian lady

Dating a nigerian lady

All these rules applies if you are below 35 years old(below marriage age) or if you don’t plan on getting married any time soon.1)Never, ever fall in love; Yes you heard me right, you better shoot yourself in the head than fall in love, forget about the idea of love you see on TV or novels, here in Nigeria it doesn’t happen that way, if you fall in love, you are at the mercy of whoever you are in love with, although some girls are worth it, its just a very very small fraction of Nigerian girls that deserve that fairy tales types of love, a handful of them don’t value your love, even if you have money to spend on them, they would only love your money, you are nothing but a regular guy to them if its only love you have to offer them. I know a girl who has a boyfriend that she claims really love her and even willing to spend money on her, and yet she was willing to have sex with me just for the fun(yes, you heard me right) , I also know another girl who we both talk dirty to each other, even though there is a guy that really loves this girl, follows her everywhere, always ready to help her , always ready to go out of his way to please her, you know what this girl told me about him, that she feels he is a blood sucking leech. I know you are imagining that these girls I am talking about are those loose and fun loving girls that don’t care, no, they are not, the one I just told you about is a very serious girl who is decent and doesn’t look anything like a heart breaker.

Bad guys look tough and confident..approach women with great confidence..give women the impression that they are mature and their little game of hard-to-get gives them added advantage.

They make women feel like they know what they are doing.

and 2 cos karma na cheat dem go cheat on you. I think op is heart broken, e con dey give us advise..euphemism!!