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Nuclear methods of dating

There are 16 operational nuclear reactors in the UK and they provide approximately 15% of the UK’s electricity.

In this way x-rays are useful for checking broken bones, but they can also be used to identify other medical problems.

A chest x-ray can be used to diagnose lung diseases such as pneumonia and mammograms use x-rays to screen for breast cancer.

When dating a sample, scientists use this ratio to calculate the age of the sample.

At ANSTO radiocarbon dating utilises the ANTARES accelerator, which requires very small samples compared to standard radiocarbon dating, and can date samples much more precisely.

A 3D image can be built up with the help of an x-ray CT scan, which is performed by the same machine at the same time.

Nuclear power stations generate energy through nuclear fission, the splitting apart of heavy atomic nuclei.

Potassium argon dating is another technique used to date very old archaeological materials and has been used to date rocks as old as four billion years.