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Alabama escort service dating internet service

In 2002, we were one of the first rural telephone companies in the United States to add Fiber to the Premise (FTTP). Billie Pirnie, owner of the company, continues to show insight and innovation in providing “up-to-date” technology for our customers.

Windstream's Hosted Email Security solution not only blocks spam, phishing scams, malware and inappropriate email content before it reaches your network, it also enforces outgoing mail policies to protect your business from data loss.

Plus, always-on continuity ensures that your organization has around-the-clock access to email.

Several months ago, we started a massive project to add fiber connections to each of the DSLAM sites.

This will further increase the Internet connection speed for our customers.

With cloud-based and customer premises equipment options, Windstream's Managed Network Security provides security without the hassle — we set it up, maintain it and manage it.

Windstream Hosted Web Security Service are a cost-effective and efficient way to implement a web filtering policy, while taking advantage of added layers of threat mitigation to maximize your organization’s web browsing security.

~ Contact Us 334-738-4400 Repair Service 334-738-2114 Dial-Up Support 1-800-352-8156 High Speed Help 334-738-8782 Location 206 Hardaway Avenue East PO Box 272 Union Springs, Alabama 36089 Hours Monday-Friday am-pm We offer both high-speed and dial-up Internet access.