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Eliza continued running the farm after Thomas died, and in the 1871 census was listed as a farmer of 200 acres employing eight labourers and one boy, so she was obviously doing well.

Eliza and Susan were visiting Mary Ann in Framlingham.

Unfortunately, the fourth son, Richard had died in 1859. Then in March 1869 George Thomas died before his father (who died in August that year).

Thomas’ wife and a daughter were visiting a married daughter.

(More on the children in the next post.) In newspaper articles, I found reference to a Thomas Mudd and Frederick Mudd (Thomas’ brother), both farmers, dealing with poachers.

In the census the family of six children were living at Creeting St Peter, Thomas a farmer.

The youngest, Catherine Sarah, was just two months old.

Listed with them is someone who appears to be 80 years old with the surname Bent (? Their first child, George Thomas (indicating that yes, her father’s name was George), was baptised in 1830. The second child, William Benjamin (perhaps her father was George William) was born in about 1833, but not baptised until 30 June 1837 at Creeting St Peter.

The will of John Rose late of Mendlesham in the county of Suffolk Blacksmith deceased who died 23 July 1858 at Mendlesham aforesaid was proved at Bury St Edmund’s by the oath of John Rose of Mendlesham aforesaid Farmer the Son and the sole Executor Eliza Gooch was likely born about 1809 or 1810.

Only two more children, girls, were born by the 1851 census. Thomas was a farmer of 112 acres, employing three labourers. In 1861, Thomas was still farming 112 acres at Grove farm, employing six men and one boy.

With him are two adult sons, two daughters, and the youngest boy, Edgar, just eight years old.

Staying with them were three adult nieces, Sarah Anne, Mary Anne, and Jessie Kate Mudd. I have found a Sarah Anne and Mary Anne Mudd, daughters of Robert and Mary Ann Mudd, born in Polstead, but have no idea who Robert Mudd is. In 1881, Eliza was still a farmer at Grove Farm, farming 80 acres and employing two men and a boy. His parents were Richard Mudd and Ann Cooper who had 10 children.