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Extremely intelligent, egotistic and ambitious, Park's hero from his boyhood on was Napoleon, and he frequently expressed much disgust that he had to grow up in the poor and backward countryside of Korea, a place that was not suitable for someone like himself.

Law and order could not be maintained because the police, long an instrument of the Rhee government, were demoralized and had been completely discredited by the public.

Park has been ranked by the public as the greatest South Korean president but he remains a controversial figure in modern South Korean political discourse and among the Korean populace in general.

While some credit him for sustaining the Miracle on the Han River, which reshaped and modernized Korea, others criticize his authoritarian way of ruling the country (especially after 1971) and for prioritizing economic growth and contrived social order at the expense of civil liberties.

The Park Chung-hee Presidential Library and Museum opened in 2012.