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Sex chat operators

Also, it is good to note the companies regulations when it comes to taking calls.

When I first started looking for phone sex jobs from home, I was utterly confused at how the industry worked and what I should actually look for within a company.

Not only was I scared of what the callers would say on the phone, I certainly did not want to be ripped off and not paid for the hard work that I had put in – this in fact was my biggest fear!

It is scary enough to apply for a sex chat job, but when you cannot speak to a real human that anxiety can intensify.

Our offices are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and we do have a 24 hour Supervisor’s line that Operators can use.

If a company does not hold a licence it is a massive red flag and I would not take any calls for this type of company.

Although the licence is not a guarantee for you the operator, it does show that the company you work for is compliant and in line with the regulations.

I always tell new Operators what they should look for when it comes to applying for a Phone Sex Operator Job within the UK.