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The Mental Health and Habilitaion Branch handles cases including involuntary hospitalization, mental health treatment, and treatment for people with developmental delays.

Family Court also has a branch called The Counsel for Child Abuse and Neglect (CCAN) that handles the assignment of attorneys in child abuse and neglect cases, and a Marriage Bureau that issues marriage licenses and minister authorizations and maintains marriage records.

Tenants suing landlords for housing code violations must file in the Housing Conditions Calendar of the Civil Actions Branch.4.

The Tax Division has exclusive jurisdiction to handle cases involving appeals and reviews of tax assessments and civil tax penalties, as well as criminal cases related to D.

This branch includes the Family Treatment Court, which is a program designed for eligible drug-dependent mothers charged with child neglect.3.

The Paternity and Child Support Branch handles cases involving paternity and child support.4.

The District of Columbia has a unified trial court system that consists only of Superior Courts.