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There's canned heart on the family side, too, but again, the conflict (Ken didn't want his popular daughter Molly to pass her driving test for fear she would DIE and he feared for his son's reputation for a miming performance of a Katy Perry song at the school talent show) and the results were predictable and rote as Ken running into a nightclub shouting for "Molly" got expected results. Ken from other outlets, but it all comes down to the show not being funny.

The problem wasn't Jeong or any of his great castmates (which includes Suzy Nakamura, Albert Tsai, Dave Foley, Jonathan Slavin, and Tisha Campbell-Martin), it's the formulaic recipe of the writing most often attributed to multi-cam comedies churning out jokes for laugh tracks to howl at. Ken wasn't that good, you just knew it wouldn't be, right? Ken he was right about his butt to get out from under the deadweight of a million hemorrhoid jokes.

One in 20 would even be comfortable giving personal security or banking details to a stranger, with the same number saying they would let someone have remote access to their computer to fix a problem they haven’t reported.

My lone laugh came from the guy in prison who thought Dr.

Ken's daughter's name was "Cocaine," but other than that, I was mostly watching through my fingers. Ken does get points for its depiction of an Asian family without stooping to "Look, we're an Asian family! Fresh Off the Boat has that market cornered, and cornered well as it's important to its so-called DNA, so Dr.

Ken wisely ignored almost all ethnic jokes, didn't feature a grandparent who was 1,000 percent Asian, and never introduced racism of any kind. It's just about an American family with regular American problems, and that's something! Ken might find a home on ABC's Friday nights, where the network has established attempts at multi-cam family sitcoms—Tim Allen's Last Man Standing leading the way—to save some money and try and grab family eyeballs.

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