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Don’t let your diet and ethics take up all your relationship.

Or can you accept the fact and come up with compromises, like going to veggie-friendly restaurants and work out agreements that satisfy both of you?

If you decide you are ok with this, then stick to your word.

If you are a passionate vegan, than it will be difficult not to interest your partner in the lifestyle. I am and I will most likely continue to do so in the future.

But you never know, what the universe has planned for you.

I was on Twitter today and read a tweet from a young woman who is vegan and is having challenges in her relationship with her boyfriend who is not vegan.

In the 17 years of being vegan I have heard this a lot, and have even heard that people who are vegan should not date people who are not vegan. In the gay male world of Colorado there would have been slim pickings for dating if I had stuck to only men who were vegan.

Of course if it ever got to the point where I would live with somebody and they were not vegan I would have to ask for rules around no former living beings in the house. A little over a month after we began dating Mike became vegetarian for my Valentine's Day gift. He had not really eaten meat in front of me since we began dating, maybe once, but I don't remember it if he did. If you know that eating meat bothers me, and you are interested in dating me, perhaps you won't eat meat in front of me. Then, in April, he became vegan as a birthday gift to himself. There are many people out there who might be an amazing date/time/life partner for you. It all doesn't come instantly, but with the right person it comes.

They may not have all of the information around animal cruelty that you do.

Fortunately for me I never asked guys if they were vegan before a date.

I would have never dated and fallen in love with Mike had I chosen to only date vegan men.

Being with a meat-eater forces you to leave your comfort zone, but also gives you the chance to leave a good impression, not only on yourself as a person, but also as ambassador of the vegan club.