Start Updating table of contents in microsoft word

Updating table of contents in microsoft word

You can select an ' Update Fields before printing ...' option just as before.

Just select the table of contents, click Update Table, and choose Update Entire Table in the dialog box that appears.

The table of contents will then update to reflect any changes.

For some reason, this feature seems to have vanished in 2010, but I have to admit I've never looked for it! EDIT// Subsequently found the solution: In 2007 etc.

it sits (slightly weirdly) under the Display option, if you click the File button.

We'll use Word 2013 to show you how to create a table of contents, but you can use the exact same method in Word 2010 or Word 2007.

If you've already read our Styles lesson, you know they're an easy way to add professional text formatting to different parts of your document.

It's because the elements of the Table of Contents are fields, so as such are not 'live' objects, but are populated via some process - in this case updating the table.

It's possible in 2003 to get the table to automatically update before printing - go to Tools | Options | Print and click Update Fields.

Depending on the project, it might be dozens or even hundreds of pages long!

When a document is this large, it can be difficult to remember which page has what information.

When you insert the table of contents, it will create a section for each heading.