Start Psycology in dating

Psycology in dating

Afterwards, they are lying in bed together; him stroking her hair and her running her hands up and down up his body from his cock to his chest.

After he cums, he leaves her crying on the bed and threatens to call the police for what he has done… Mother meets him in the office and starts to berate him for attacking her last night. Mom is in kitchen talking to her sister on the phone.

Son sneaks in and surprises her with, “Hi Mom” She jumps around and demands to know what he is doing there; to leave immediately, he’s violating his parole, and she’s going to call the cops.

He gently pulls away and jokingly says, "Hey, let go I didn't come all this way just to get on my own front doorstep." Dava pulls back, her eyes fill with tears and she asks half accusingly, "Why didn't you tell me you were coming home so soon? The two of them are sitting together close on the couch.

Dava sees her brother Yawn and asks if he wants some Coffee, Ricky says "Yes..." then Dava says, "I'll be right back." While doing this she talks non-stop about how she wants to take him out dancing; the movies, to eat, to see all their old friends, how happy she is he made it back okay, etc.. He doesn't answer and she looks into the living room and he is on the couch.

He grins evilly, slams her up against the table and rips her clothes open.

He then bends her over the kitchen table and fucks her vaginally while she cries and asks why he is doing this. ” Several months later…Mom is in bed sleeping when she is woken by a stranger.

They look at each other expectantly for a brief moment smiling until Ricky says laughingly, "I guess we're married now Sis." She smiles broadly and throws her arms around his neck and they start kissing.