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Sms sex chat services

Teenagers also commonly abbreviate words when texting on cell phones to save time.

Increasing Messenger’s usefulness–-especially if it becomes an easy way to enable e-commerce transactions—could help radically boost the revenues the company brings in from its ecosystem.

The Chat SDK also stands to greatly benefit third-party businesses and services.

The Chat SDK enables Messenger users to interact with third-party services simply by sending a message in Messenger.

Those services’ bots can then automatically reply with specific information, allowing customers and users to bypass traditional ways of communicating with services and businesses, such as via email, app, or phone.

Indeed, with the Chat SDK the company appears to be pushing a way to distinguish itself as a new type of “smart” messaging app—one that is more than just an SMS replacement—from other “dumb” messaging services like i Message, Viber, Kik, and even its own Whats App.

That’s not to say Facebook is the first chat app to see smart bots as the future.

The types of interactions the Chat SDK reportedly enables are wide-ranging, letting Messenger users request simple information from bots, such as showtimes from a specific movie theater chain, to more complicated interactions such as booking travel, shopping for goods, paying bills, and more.