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Andrew summersgill original dating

Secondly, one in 10 people in this country is Catholic.

Mgr Summersgill said most Sunday collections remained within their diocese but for big national collections - such as the Day for Life, which supports the Catholic Church's pro-life work - the Church would expect to collect about £400,000 to £500,000.

He said for the Papal visit the church hoped people would double their contributions to come up with close to a million.

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More detailed figures will be made public in due course." Mgr Summersgill estimated the last visit by a pope, in 1982, cost between £15m and £16m.

"We cannot confirm the total costs as these will depend on an assessment of the policing required to manage the security threat posed at the time of the visit.

"The non-policing costs of the papal visit will be in the region of £15m, including both 'state' and pastoral elements.

Mgr Summersgill said more than £3m had already been raised through personal donations and that, along with a range of other fund-raising efforts, he hoped there would be no need to ask parishioners for another collection after the one on Sunday.