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Next beer garden we go to at , there's not many girls left sitting in the front. Mamasan shows us a bunch of girls thru the night but none were my type. I liked her so didn't fight too much on the price, in bed she was actually worth it.

Right now I'm happy I didn't get anything stolen or get shaken down by any police, but definitely could've ended way worse! Once in my room she asked for the money upfront, saying stuff like she's had a Chinese guy not pay her before. So she freshens up in the bathroom a little bit and makes an effort to close the bathroom window curtain, then comes out.

I also would caution about using Tinder Or Whatsapp in Siem Reap. Then she gets me to strip, gives me a short BJ and claims I need to shower.

Says I can come down to the lobby and talk to the mamasan.

At this point I consider this a lost cause, I'm definitely not going to assault anyone to get some money back.

So first we checked out 2 beer gardens around 9 pm.

As you walk in there's a roster of girls that you can pick to come drink and eat w / you.

Can someone recommend a decent to upscale hotel that is guest friendly? Can someone recommend a decent to upscale hotel that is guest friendly? Mongering is alive and well although a bit pricey and not easy to find.

Lots of KVM bars in a whole street devoted to clubs. If they smell blood, they will quote you a very high price. She even spent the day with me visiting the temples.

I told her she could take her passport and leave the bag, then she claims she can't understand / no English.

There's lot of back and forth, and eventually offer her $20 for her time and ask for the money back but she wasn't having it.

So I walk down to the lobby w / her and she gets on her friend's motorbike and rides away.