Start Restore a jailbroken iphone without updating

Restore a jailbroken iphone without updating

Then press and hold the wake/sleep button until your i Phone 8 boot up.

Download Links: Redsn0w (Download the NEWEST one – its at the top) i Phone Firmware File – (Download the version your i Phone is on).

Recently, many users have been complaining about i Phone 8/8 Plus stuck in boot loop after i OS 11.1/11.0.3/11.0.2/11 update.

Whilst we won’t cover every device/firmware combination in this current article, I’ll also quickly go over your options below. Absolutely everyone should do this, regardless of their plans.

The blobs are easy to save, and you never know when or why you might need them.

They will allow most already jailbroken users to move to 10.3.1 later if a newer jailbreak is released. Normally I’d advise staying on the lowest firmware possible, but this time around, some people should perhaps upgrade, though we can’t know for certain either way.

This is valuable as it lets us not choose now between updating and losing our jailbreak, or waiting and missing the boat. Save them now for i OS 10.3.1, and continue saving them in future for i OS 10.3.2 too. 32-bit device owners whose devices support i OS 10 can additionally save normal blobs with savethemblobs. Everyone on a firmware higher than i OS 10.3.1 should immediately downgrade to increase their chances of a jailbreak. For more discussion of your specific device/firmware, read the comprehensive Already jailbroken users should not trade a certain something for an uncertain nothing, and some of them can go to 10.3.1 later with Prometheus anyway, if they save blobs now.32-bit users will almost certainly not be supported by any upcoming jailbreak, and their devices don’t handle i OS 10 that well anyway, so their circumstances are improved by waiting on the lowest possible firmware for another tool.64-bit unjailbroken users, such as i Phone 7( ) on i OS 10.2 , i Phone 6 on i OS 9.3.5, etc, should consider upgrading.

GUIDE UPDATED FOR NEWER 3014 PROBLEMS – Please see bottom of post for details (March 2011) Contrary to many of the guides and articles we post on this site, this isn’t one to do with jailbreaking your i Phone!

 It stems from our experiences of helping a work colleague get their i Phone back up and running after it got stuck applying an i OS version update.

We know that i Tunes error numbers in the 3000s are to do with communication failing or time outs. We replaced the sync cable, swapped USB ports and tried all the various solutions offered by Google, but in the end, we managed to get the handset up and running by doing the following: *=We ensured that we were connecting the i Phone to our computer directly and not via any kind of USB hub **=Shift clicking is a Windows process. On a Mac you would hold down your “option” key and click restore ***=This list i OS 4.0.1 firmware is for the i Phone 4 only.

 For links for the 3G & 3GS handset appropriate hardware, please click the relevant model name.

If you don’t have a sim card to activate your i Phone and you need to skip this screen then follow the step by step video below to get your i Phone up and running in no time.

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