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In the queue at the unemployment office, she struggled to stay positive. Her imagination, usually a strong point, was a liability at times like this. ‘Go fill out the forms and come back.’‘How long till I get the money? Next please…’In the car park, my mother slumped over the wheel of her gold Mercedes and wept.

Just after noon Thursday, the single mom wrote: 'The most difficult moment of the year for depression is coming.

Kameron was transported to a Burgaw hospital and later to Chapel Hill - where he died Saturday afternoon, according to local WECT, who first reported the story.

It seems the mother had been paying an unfortunate visit to her son, who lived with his grandparents - likely the two witnesses at the scene.

Depression and anxiety are very personal mental disorders.'She added: 'Everyone says: 'if you need anything, don't hesitate, I'll be there for you.' I'll make a bet, my friend's on Facebook, at least 5 will take time to put it on their wall to raise awareness of mental health problems.