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Jian holley dating sites

(A) Husemann, Martin (with Ding, Daugherty, Husemann, Howe, Danley) Quantitative genetic analysis of male color pattern and female mate choice in a pair of cichlid fishes of Lake Malawi, East Africa.

(A) Connors, Kristin (with Valenti, Lawless, Sackerman, Onaivi, Brooks, Gould) Induction and Activation of Human Th17 by Targeting Antigens to Dendritic Cells via Dectin-1.

(A) Yin, Wenjie (with Duluc, Joo, Ni, Upchurch, Li, Xue, Klucar, Zurawski, and Oh) Inflammatory Response in Islet Transplantation.

(A) Peccarelli, Megan (with Kebaara) Thermal Tolerance, Survival, and Recruitment of Cyprinids Exposed to Competition and Chronic Heat Stress in Experimental Streams.

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