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"I sat in that room and listened to a story that wouldn't make me proud of how we deal with this." "As their Health Minister surely I should be concerned that they are taking a pill in a non-regulated fashion," the Wicklow TD said, adding: "In that sense, I'm clear in my thinking on it." The Department of Health is currently working on legislative proposals that could form the basis for a referendum on the Eighth Amendment in May or June.

In June 2016, the UN's Human Rights Commission ruled that Ireland had subjected her to "discrimination and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment".

"I met Ms Mellet and her husband," said Mr Harris, who publicly apologised to her in the Dáil last year.

It was mums and dads who had found themselves carrying a baby with a fatal foetal abnormality. Here was a situation where I'm very proud of this country, I love being Irish, I love living in this country and I love representing this country as a member of the Government, and - yet here was a situation where I was really ashamed at how these people were treated." The third incident was the case of Amanda Mellet, who was 21 weeks pregnant in 2011 when she was told the foetus had congenital defects, meaning it would die in the womb or shortly after birth.