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Whos eminem dating

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)“I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus,” hums Beyoncé on the new Eminem single, “Walk on Water.” Page turning frustrations and swearing from Eminem can be heard underneath the piano ballad, which tackles his struggles with living up to the expectations of others and the unreachable heights he set with his wild success in the early aughts while embracing the obvious biblical metaphor at hand.

As demonstrates in its new dating map, the tradition is alive in well in the world of US hip hop with everyone from Eminem to Rihanna belonging to the same tangled web of romance.

The 42-year-old was married not once but twice to the Grammy winner.

They initially met after Kimberly and her twin sister Dawn ran away from home at the age of 13, and started living with Eminem (whose real name is Marshall Mathers) and his family.

Soon after, the then-teen began dating the musician.