Start Daniel henney dating gwyneth paltrow

Daniel henney dating gwyneth paltrow

The 37-year-old actor is set to appear on the upcoming American drama series “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” as the FBI agent named Matthew Simmons.

It’s easy to just dismiss this ridiculously good-looking actor as just another pretty face.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that being born to an ethnic Korean mother and American father of British descent has helped land him roles looking to cast an Asian American.

But on the other hand, they're also just funny people who very quickly made me realize that the fact that they don't take themselves too seriously is actually the hottest quality of all.

At the time, I didn't have a grand vision of what #Haikus With Hotties would become.

So you’re dealing with different cultures, different story lines, because you have to take into consideration what happens when you walk through different worlds, what things can happen, good or bad, what protocol we have to deal with as profilers.

Everything changes when you cross international borders, so it’s a challenge for us as actors to figure out what we can and can’t do in a certain country.

Even though Henney is still single and usually tight-lipped about his personal life, he did opened up about the type of girl that could potentially win his affection. Check out our interview below: Since this is a spinoff from “Criminal Minds”, what can viewers expect from this series?

Well, there’s going to be a lot of the same models used in terms of how the episodes are structured, which has worked for years for “Criminal Minds” and we definitely don’t want to change that, but it’s much more interesting that we’re doing a different country every episode.

If there's space in Hollywood to explore the plights of your typical onscreen nerdy Asian male who can't get a date, but there's also space for a Daniel Henney (who, in addition to looking like that, has proved himself to be a pretty reliable actor over the years), then hopefully we're carving out more space for everyone in between.

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