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Sex dating in leyden wisconsin

So really the adult age when it comes to sex is always 17 and depending on how old the partner, 16 is adult. Laws should be considered within the circumstances and never taken 100% literally for all situations.

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There are logical arguments for them all being different - but that doesn't mean that you can't end up with farcical results. We're a progressive state but we have a lot of rural folks and a vocal hard right minority who seem to think they speak for the state.

More interesting questions, I think, are - what if two sixteen (or seventeen) year olds are dating and one has birthday - is sex still a misdemeanor? But I have been here all my life and this state is better characterized by an ideological middle and a stubborn independence. on the farms up north, we don't need it from our "leaders".

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In Wisconsin, children under age 17 who have sex with each other can be prosecuted as juveniles. Two minors who have consensual sex are both guilty of the charge. We have a hotly contested Governor's race which has already become nasty among three individuals.

Seventeen-year-olds who have sex with one another can be convicted as adults of a misdemeanor. To teach sex ed which in any way encourages minors to have sex might be encouraging statutory rape. This just doesn't stand the smell test as a legit news story. The fact that it made national news is really pathetic.

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