Start Is ryan tubridy dating aoibhinn

Is ryan tubridy dating aoibhinn

host bought the house with his former flame, Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain, more than two years ago, but 12 months later they pulled the plug on their relationship.

A peacock needs to be seen or it will die''We're getting people back into the fold.

And that's because I've had to learn what they want to hear and then I have to find my voice to talk to them. Gerry was there for 20 years -- that's a long time to grow an audience.

Take a look inside the 240sq metre dreamy home here…

For some of his critics, the alarming drop in ratings for both his TV and radio chat shows is all the evidence required to back up their long-held thesis about Ryan Tubridy being nothing more than a lightweight finally exposed for punching above his weight for far too long.

'And what's going to happen now is that my contract draws to a close in 2012, that will be renegotiated and the culture of those salaries will be changed and will reflect the new reality. Former RTÉ director Helen O'Rahilly blogged that if she was in charge at Montrose 'you wouldn't see this utter s****' going out on air on a Friday night. Along with that comes criticism -- by the bucket load. And that's my problem and it's a problem I need to fix,' he admits. I go home, I hit the couch and I would watch TV or I'll go and see a film or for a few pints with my brothers, and I have four or five friends, and a family I love and trust and I love being around. 'But I'm not one of the people who runs around with my kids getting photographed and runs around with a girlfriend.

Tubridy admits he got 'wind of' the contentious remark but diplomatically refuses to comment on it. I just am, bizarrely, quite a low-key guy in a high-profile job. 'Perhaps this desperate need for privacy is down to how Tubridy's separation from his wife was played out publicly.

We're on air about a year now and it's been a tough learning curve.

It's changing for the better and I'm learning from mistakes. I'll go to the grave learning.'The 38-year-old also insists that reducing the show's timeslot by a third to only two hours dramatically hit their ratings.

The radio show has big sponsorship.“The Toy Show is a good news day for RTE as well.

I think these are the things that need to be talked about as well.”Tubridy also addressed the issue of the gender pay gap in RTE, with it recently being revealed that only three of the station’s top 10 earners were women.

But while he may have the slender build of a lightweight boxer, Tubridy comes out fighting in this exclusive interview to insist he is up to the challenge of dragging his 2FM radio show back up to the figures once enjoyed by the late Gerry Ryan. They go up, they go down,' says a defiant Tubridy, who is surprisingly ebullient despite the dramatic drop of up to 180,000 viewers.