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In the 1990s, Victoria’s Secret was the only known mall brand of lingerie.

Let’s look at some of the reasons we should stop shaming and instead proclaim “Long live body parts!

” Yoga Pants and Leggings Many schools are trying to ban leggings because they are allegedly too tight and distract the boys. Padded bras totally change the shape of your breasts, which is fine if that is what you want.

If we don’t speak up and stop people from promoting these clothing rules, women’s bodies will continue to be the “property” of someone else. If you don’t feel comfortable in leggings, or in pants that might suggest camel toe, or in unlined bras, don’t wear them. All I am asking is that we quit shaming people over body parts and promoting a culture that hurts women. Katie *** [Feature Image: A person with chin-length hair is sitting with their legs crossed and their eyes closed.

We will continue to see laws, such as the one proposed in Montana, to outlaw all leggings and yoga pants as “indecent exposure.” We are also promoting body fear and hatred when we promote these rules.

In particular, they encourage women to make fun of other women, which we just do not need. Plus, I can tell you that, when we make fun of other women with leggings or camel toe or whatever, we are letting our friends know we are not safe for them.

I am so tired of seeing women posting photos of other women to make fun of their leggings, or their camel toe, or their shirt, or their nipples. We are saying we will make fun of other people, and if you happen to wear what we don’t like, you could be next.

Plus, some women have bigger labia majoras and, unless they wear these ridiculous camel toe guards, they will have a camel toe.