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So this time aroundwas among the biggest and most ambitious citizen committees in a city with no shortage of them. the brand is committed to respecting the people and the environments it touches.

And the devices cannot be washed with soap and water.

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But only one can stand alone as the Grand Champion Carbonator. A hearty congratulations to Gina, whose winnings include a deserving place alongside Barack Obama, Solyndra, James Cameron and Mother Earth herself in our pantheon of previous champions, along with 1 trillion official Iowahawk carbon credits to apply against her future environmental destruction. I didn't bolt a twin turbo and nitrous onto my two-stroke margarita maker to lose your stupid contest to some damn government hippie," you might well be grumbling.

OK, Mister Sore Loser, lemme ask you this: did your Earth Week celebration include private jet travel with an entourage of flunkies to New York, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and Memphis, all for no apparent reason? So don't hate the player, hater, hate the game.

If you're going to compete in the Carbon Big Leagues, best bring your "A" game and the power to tax your jet fuel bills out of the chumps.

Just because something 'looks good for a cent doesn't mean you should buy it.

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