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Sara quin dating a guy

Quin describes hearing Lauper’s dancey take on “Back in Your Head,” one of the project’s digital bonus tracks, as “totally surreal.” Says Quin, “It’s fascinating when someone you’ve listened to since you were 4 sings your song.” But Lauper was more than happy to lend a hand for the project, whose proceeds will go to the Tegan and Sara Foundation benefiting LGBTQ women. In 2008, she handpicked the duo to join her True Colors tour, which supported the Human Rights Campaign and other organizations; the success of the tour inspired Lauper to start the True Colors Fund, which aids homeless LGBTQ youth.

Trying to allow some of the emotions room to move around.

Where's the depth, where's the edge and the heartbreak and...?

"I think it's unfair, I hear it on we really did try and keep that edge and that vulnerability and that sort of desperation from previous records.

The project also coincides with The Con X: Tour, which kicks off the same day the album comes out and will feature stripped-down arrangements of every track from features some of Tegan and Sara’s darkest, most gut-wrenching lyrical content to date, Quin says she and her twin sister pursued upbeat arrangements and production to keep the 2007 album from feeling like “a f—ing funeral march.” Many of the tracks on unearthed that gloom.