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Stockholm supper club speed dating

[RADZIEJOW - Maciej Mielzynski was the district administrator of Radziejw in 1762; he was living 1733-1793; the son of Franciszek Walenty Mielzynski b.

Globalization and globalism - Donald Trump, John F. All on the life of the noble Konstantinovich family in tsarist Russia 1772 to 1918.

Deka Company in Petersburg, Moscow and Zaporoze - Russian engines and airplanes. In 1808-1820 he taken from hands of Radziwill, Naliboki. Monika Piotrowska of the Chelm area, daughter of Mikolaj and Katarzyna nee Plonski, Piotrowska, with a few children. 1742], moved to the Great Poland and left son - inf.

Jan Paszkowski [1742-ca 1800] moved home to Ukraine [ca 1776 ? in 1788 - owner of landestate close to Sampolno, [compare MADALINSKI, UMINSKI, Bajkowska-Kiedrzynska] in Skotniki.

ca 1658, who was the brother of Kazimierz Dominik Oginski b. Maksymilian (Maksymilian Antoni Jan), son of Andrzej MIELZYNSKI and Bninska [Andrzej Walenty Mielzynski b. ca 1720], born 1737 / 1738, MP in 1773, had the right of succession to the property after a father [Adam Dadzbog Baranowski] of his great-grandmother Teresa Baranowska, that is Grocholno, Rospedek, Debogra, Lankowice, Malice, Gromadna, Spiry, Bak, Tupadl, Siernik, Szamocin Lastkowy, but His daughter Jzefa (Jzefa Nepomucena Rozalia Konstancja Franciszka), b. 1790 in Pawlowice to Augustyn Kozminski, but she died in 1792 in Wronki. 1776, 16 / 18 km east of Koszkowo and 27 / 30 km east of Kunowo. In 1820, he founded the "Kosynierzy Union" / SCYTHEMEN, then he became a member of the Patriotic Society, for which he was convicted by the Prussians in 1826 for six years in prison. 1800-1836, daughter of Ludwik Chlapowski 1768-1831 and Tekla Sokolnicka 1776-1848. AGNIESZKA CHODKOWSKA, with children (all born in Pogorzel): Antoni, b. 1718 and Otto - Trampczynska; great-grandson of Piotr Antoni Sokolnicki b. In 1836, Wawrzyniec KONOPNICKI with wife and Magdalena widow after death of Jzef Konopnicki, with sons Jaroslaw and Stanislaw, moved to MYSLNIOW / Mysliniew close to Ostrzeszow; in Myslniow was living half-siblings of Wawrzyniec Wawrzyniec's son Jan Jaroslaw Konopnicki b.