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Compareing real statistics of online dating

A few months ago we discussed Ron Unz’s claim that Jews are massively overrepresented in Ivy League college admissions, not just in comparison to the general population of college-age Americans, but even in comparison to other white kids with comparable academic ability and preparation.

Start with the claim that 25% of Harvard College students are Jewish.

That number comes from the Hillel Foundation, the Jewish student organization.

When searching Stanford’s public directory, one can easily see the students’ majors, and it is interesting to note that relatively few of the students with presumably Jewish names are studying engineering, while performing a search for Asian names like Chen or Wang yields many engineering students.

This casts doubt on Unz’s implication that the reason there are relatively few Jews at MIT and Caltech is due to their “objective/meritocratic” admissions practices; rather, relatively few Jews seem interested in pursuing engineering. The person who emailed me had gone to the trouble of replicating Unz’s calculations, that is, going through the names of National Merit Scholar semifinalists, counting the number of usually Jewish surnames from the above two specified lists, and then scaling these up using the procedure described by Unz to obtain an estimate of total % Jews.

Recall that the Weyl method, when applied to the list of Harvard names, estimates Harvard’s student population as 10-11%, not 25%, Jewish.

The point here is not that Unz was trying to get the wrong answer but rather that he was using different data sources and estimation methods in different places, and this leads to systematic errors when the data are combined. And that’s all before adjusting to account for Ivy students being disproportionately from the Northeast as well as PSAT cutoff scores required for NMS status being generally higher in that region of the U. In summary: Unz claimed that Harvard and other Ivies massively over-admit Jews based on their academic accomplishments (in comparison to non-Jewish whites).

For almost every state, these replicated estimates are higher than the numbers reported by Unz.