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West brookfield ma dating

The West Brookfield Center Historic District is a historic district encompassing the historic center of West Brookfield, Massachusetts.

It has a fine collection of 18th and 19th century homes, ranging stylistically from Federal to Queen Anne, as well as the town hall and public library.

The district was enlarged in 2006 to include a residential and industrial area south of the center, primarily along Milk, Front, and Ware Streets.

We found that the distribution and shape of the iron-rich duricrusts are more accurate than portrayed in the current maps.

The best results, with an overall accuracy of 94.21% and a kappa value of 0.92, were obtained for a dataset consisting of gamma-ray spectrometry data combined with derivatives of the SRTM digital elevation model augmented by Landsat, and polarimetric radar data.

He had a special interest in West Brookfield and devoted time to several projects including the conservation of the Old Methodist Cemetery located on Lyon Road in town.

A collection of Archie’s historical work has been donated to the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library and is housed in the Local History Alcove on the second floor.

Morphometric variables such as slope, curvature, and relative relief were derived from the SRTM digital elevation model to quantify the topographic parameters of the different regolith landforms.

An artificial neural network implementation, ADVANGEO, was then employed to extract four basic regolith landform units from the satellite and airborne data.

Relic ferruginous duricrusts rich in hematite and goethite belonging to the High glacis, erosional surfaces represented by rock outcrops and suboutcrops, alluvial sediments, and soft pediment materials of the Middle and Low glacis were mapped successfully in the region.

The results were compared with the existing geomorphological maps, an independent visual classification, and field observations.

The approach demonstrates for the first time the potential of machine learning in regolith landform mapping.