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Homeless, he spent several nights in a park in downtown Tokyo.

Not every character speaks every language, so occasionally characters are unable to understand one another.

As a character, he is socially inept and frequently depressed or morose; in addition, he is a fairly skilled artist who refuses to believe in his own talent—an exaggerated parallel of Gallagher himself.

Largo often appears to be delusional, confusing reality with video games.

As a result, he occasionally causes chaos and destruction as he battles against zombies and other (occasionally imagined) threats.

Gallagher has commented that, unlike Largo, who is the recipient of large amounts of the comic's physical damage, Piro is the focal point of emotional damage—an element exacerbated by his ability to converse with speakers of both English and Japanese, and his skill at understanding l33t.

The name "Piro" comes from Gallagher's online nickname, which was in turn taken from Makoto Sawatari's cat (named for Piroshki) in the Japanese visual novel Kanon.

The first time a full Japanese name was mentioned in the actual comic, it was written with Japanese order.