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It would not be too much of a stretch to say they killed him, though in all honesty they had plenty of help from Dick himself.

It's like having a sign that says DO NOT KILL THE ANIMALS at the Museum of Taxidermy.: I have a one hour ferry ride from Lavrion to Kea, after an overnight ferry from Mytilini to Pireaus and a one hour drive from Pireaus to Lavrion so I may as well bring you up to date on my adventures.

He is stuck on the spear but still fighting to get himself off.

Michali Orphanidis, my spearfishing guru had told me that when I get in this situation I need to turn the octopus's head inside-out.

The government workers unions are having a big demonstrations downtown and after weeks of the students at universities and high schools being on strike and having in effect taken over the schools, today the teachers and professors have joined them and are on strike too.: I wanted to write a commentary on the taxi strike but the whole thing was so surreal I did not really know how to approach it or if I even wanted to pour gasoline on a fire.

But it fizzled so thoroughly and so completely I wonder if the Greek taxis will ever recover.: This story was written by my high school English teacher and friend Jack Marlowe, based on a story I had told him about my first visit to Lesvos.

The funny thing about the Acropolis Rally is how many times I have just stumbled upon it.

You may wonder how someone could stumble upon a major road race featuring world famous drivers in the coolest little cars, zooming out of Athens to drive around the back roads of the Peloponessos at high speeds.: The picture painted of Athens by the media, usually showing a lone beggar sitting on a curb or Loukaniko the riot dog, or a heavily armored cop standing next to a flaming garbage can, are isolated images meant to strike fear or sadness into the hearts of readers around the world and put a few euros into the pocket of the photographer.

But the two or three major companies had a stranglehold on the country and it was almost impossible to get your foot in the door. In three days I will be getting on a flight to Athens and I am not feeling any of my pre-journey anxiety that normally would have me waking in the middle of the night in terror.