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Articles on internet dating dangers

While the number of ways to interact via the Internet are rapidly increasing, so are the types of online social networking dangers.

Because Internet users can remain anonymous or lie about their identities, your children (and even some adults) don't know with whom they are talking.

Predators and pedophiles can use the Internet to exchange names, phone numbers, profiles, e-mails and even physical addresses with others pedophiles and potential victims.

The Internet, an important modern means of obtaining information and establishing communication with others, has become an increasingly essential element of human life.

Although Internet use makes life easier, it can become problematic in the event of non-functional use.

If someone is simply stealing your profile information and using it as his or her own, then you can contact the owner of the site and have that person banned.

Sexual predators are probably the worst-feared online danger.

Sexual predators look for individuals who are: If you or your child is ever approached by a sexual predator, contact your local police department immediately.